Infrastructure Support

Vidyo Technologies provides IT Infrastructure Managed Services to help the enterprise design secure, scalable and reliable communications and IT infrastructure; as well as provide experienced, technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Vidyo Technologies IT Infrastructure Managed Services offers support with configuration, deployment, systems integration and maintenance all facets of the network. This includes:

Application Management

Vidyo Technologies's Application Management offers a wide range of proactive support services for various platforms and technologies. Vidyo Technologies also provides Enterprise SAP Operations services 24/7 operations support for enterprise SAP applications, which includes helpdesk, basic administration and environment support.

Datacenter Management

Vidyo Technologies provides support for different elements of the datacenter such as systems and storage management, database management, messaging environment support and hosting.

Converged Network Managed Services

Vidyo Technologies offers Remote Managed Services (RMS) to help the enterprise streamline the task of network management to maximize the value of underlying technology infrastructure. RMS provides end-to-end, remote network management, monitoring and incident-notification for all areas of the enterprise communications and data network. This includes routers, switches, servers, applications and wireless devices—whether they are in a single location or distributed across the country. Vidyo Technologies's remote services provide flexibility in the degree of monitoring and management offered.

Vidyo Technologies’s Desktop Management Services

Vidyo Technologies's Desktop Management Support services provide end-to-end desktop management including remote management and desktop support through automated tools, asset management and compliance checks, standard image creation and deployment, break-fix and IMAC.

Service Desk

Vidyo Technologies's Service Desk provides multi-lingual support to customers through delivery centers located across the globe including on-shore centers in Texas and California.

Enterprise Threat Management Services

Vidyo Technologies's Enterprise Threat Management Services enables you to secure enterprise information, detect threats, prevent intrusions and safeguard your data assets.