Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is the process of monitoring performance across the enterprise with the goal of improving business performance. To exceed the financial and operational objectives and create sustainable value faster – Enterprise Performance Management will offer everything you need to quickly create and cascade balanced scorecards, Performance dashboards and Enterprise reports.

The executive decision makers need access to integrated information to truly focus on profitability and performance. Vidyo Technologies Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions support strategic planning and goal setting, financial and operational planning, end-to-end financial reporting process and profitability management in a comprehensive and fully integrated suite.

Together these solutions will assist to manage initiatives, risks, operations and benchmarking across the enterprise and help the organization to perform at its best. Effective Business Intelligence (BI) is a core component of any Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) strategy and is an integral component of Vidyo Technologies, enabling more effective decision making throughout your business.

Standard and Custom Offerings:

Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions ensure visibility for your business needs and effectively drive critical business decisions based on real time information.

Budgeting & Forecasting
Financial Consolidations
Financial Analytics & Reporting
Strategy Management
Profitability & Cost Management Analysis

As a market leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions, we deliver the complete and integrated suite that let our customers gain insight into every aspect of their business, reduce risk and maximize value for their business performance.

Why Vidyo Technologies?

Out-of-the-box deep functionality
Qualitative and quantitative approach
Rapid implementation
Ready to run
Risk free
Designed for enterprise business users
Cost effective

We can help build and balance an integrated enterprise performance management capability using a customized approach. We focus on identifying and sustaining value, using a flexible methodology. This methodology strongly aligns internal financial performance measures with the corporate strategy.

Vidyo Technologies has the resources to assist you on your business journey to high performance. Our experienced practitioners span the globe. Our range of services and proprietary methodologies and applications use all our experiences and skills to cut business risk and maximize value for our clients across advertising, education, finance, healthcare, life sciences, hotel/hospitality, media and entertainment, mobile and wireless, retail, real estate, sports and fitness, technology, non-profit and more industries.