Vidyo Technologies Open Source Competency Center is responsible for evaluating and executing various open source technology based projects. Over the years we have built high competency in developing and customizing solutions based on various Open Source technology like Linux, Apache,

MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP (LAMP and WAMP).

Our competency team helps client realize their need and helps in finding and suggesting right solutions based on various open source technology and solution engine.

At Open source competency center we explore various open source platforms, latest enterprise integration engines, Web 2.0 trends; SaaS based platform challenges across different horizontals to increase Vidyo Technologies knowledge base from functional and technical standpoint. The competency team keeps the knowledge portal updated with latest trends and business needs in open source technology. We provide you with right kind of solution that leverages you a lot on the cost front. Depending on projects requirements Vidyo Technologies experienced competency team has provided fast services on various projects by reusing capabilities of various application framework like symphony, VCL, Canvas, CakePHP, Zend. For fast and cost reducing solutions we can also use various template engines and open source AJAX toolkits such as Sajax, AJAX Ajent and AJAXAC.

The objectives of Open Source Competency center include:

Providing technical solutions implementing Open Source technology platform that helps in meeting technical challenges
Resolving problems faced in applying open Source technology
Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers
Building competency in chosen application servers and services
Developing reusable components that can be used across projects

Vidyo TechnologiesInfotechOpen Source Competency Center can help you to leverage following benefits:

Build various custom online solutions for your business needs with proper guidance from Vidyo Technologies open source technocrats and experts
Exceptional Cost advantage by reusing and customizing various open source frameworks and solutions as mentioned above
We realize your dream and meet your business expectation with fast, reliable and quality service