Managed Services

Infrastructure configuration, deployment, and system integration services are rarely implemented error free as organizations seldom have the time, expertise or resources to implement seamlessly. Fortunately, Vidyo Technologies streamlines these critical processes with nBuild, end-to-end professional services approach that delivers reliable and cost-efficient hardware and software infrastructure.

Vidyo Technologies nBuild services offer infrastructure planning, configuration, deployment and integration as well as custom consulting services. By using standardized validation processes backed by decades of expertise in hardware and software installation and upgrades, Vidyo Technologies achieved efficiencies in delivery, cost and time while providing secure, scalable and consistent infrastructure that delivers savings in total cost of operation and investment.

How can Vidyo Technologies nBuild solutions help transform your organization’s hardware and software infrastructure?

Installation & Configuration

Vidyo Technologies speeds and streamlines the deployment and configuration process with centralized staging and standardized equipment configuration for fast implementation, reduced costs, improved business continuity, rapid disaster recovery and consistency across multiple hardware and software applications.

Migration & Integration

Expertise and insight honed on decades of Vidyo Technologies and complex multi-vendor installations helps ensure rapid and efficient upgrades and deployments that are implemented as planned and completed on time as well as on budget.

Assessment & Remediation

Coverage across Vidyo Technologies, Cisco, Juniper and other leading products helps deliver responsive, flexible solutions to meet every need while strategic and actionable roadmaps comprehensively unify technology with processes.

Custom Consulting

Project management for end-to-end deployment is provided by Vidyo Technologies’s team of certified engineers and technicians who have expertise with Vidyo Technologies and third-party products. As true system integrators, they are capable of delivering powerful solutions to meet the specific demands of our customers in the area of voice, network, wireless, security, LAN and WAN infrastructure.