Visualization Solutions

We do 3D Applications, Visualization Applications, 3D Animation and Modeling. Depending on your requirements our team of skilled programmers, animators, modelers, CAD experts and lighting experts work on the finest of details to ensure that we produce highly realistic outputs. We offer the following visualization solutions:

3D Application Development

Making use of powerful computer gaming technology concepts, our team of 3d programmers develop powerful real time 3d desktop applications for your unique visualization requirements. Be it a simple 3d model viewing application for your organization or a complex CAD Interior design and rendering program, we can do it for you at highly competitive rates. These applications are real time rendered meaning that unlike video animations or rendered models you can make changes to your models in real time making the application highly dynamic.

Panaromix Visualization

Combining our expertise in 3D programming and architectural modeling, we develop real-time rendered 3D software walkthroughs which can be navigated by the end user unlike video animations. It becomes possible for you to view architectural structures, machines or models from any angle or distance. The platform makes it possible to envisage your design ideas like never before.

Visualization Applications

Using cutting edge graphics processing technologies we can develop applications that deliver highly realistic output that can be used to visualize ideas on your computer as early as the planning stage. Our research team has developed highly optimized algorithms to acheive significant performance benefits without compromising on the quality of output. Some of the applications that have used our solutions include Warp Art – a flooring visualization solution, Wheelz – software that helps users visualize wheels on their cars or trucks, RoofMan – a software solution that allows visualization of roofing designs and patterns and more.

3D Rendering & Animations

We use sophisticated software and hardware to generate unbelievably realistic renderings and animations in various image formats. These high quality images can be used for brochures, presentations, analysis and more. Our skilled animators, 3D and lighting experts work on the finest of details to ensure that we produce photo realistic renderings. The details usually depend on the input that you provide and how you want the output to look like. The details we consider include color selections, materials, textures, type of lights, light color & temperature, light intensity, overall feel required and more. These parameters when used with a variety of different techniques provide realism to a scene. Changes in these parameters can lead to undesirable effects in a scene and we take great care to ensure that the output meets your specific needs.