Linux, the powerful operating system has been popular over the years. Linux offers a rich variety of services like cost effective platforms for the servers used to run mail servers, databases and is even challenging the world for the desktop operating system of choice.

What is LINUX?

Linux is a stable secure Unix-like operating system. The instruction sets that make up Linux i.e. the source code is freely available to every one. Because of Linuxs free licensing, many software developers and software companies have taken the Linux kernel, core of the computer operating system and combined it with other free software programs to create comprehensive systems (called distributions) for use in a wide variety of endeavors and on many different types of computer hardware.

Linux has an online community involving thousands of people. The Linux community is a group of reliable individuals dedicated to creating high quality software, and willing to support by sharing information and knowledge that will help one to move smoothly and efficiently to new systems and approaches. Many software companies and software developers use Linux, the core of OS, because of Linux's free licensing!

The good news is that we offer you professional offshore software development and web applications development services based on Linux OS.

You can rely on LINUX because...

Linux operates effectively on almost any hardware.
Linux uses the latest standard based operating system.
It is easy to install and also steady and reliable.
More than one user can handle Linux at a time
Linux is aware of most hardware.
With Linux, remote desktop support is acquired.
Above all most of Linuxs software is free or very reasonably priced.

We offer a variety of Linux application development and web development services based on Linux OS. Linux application development services offered consist of system administration, maintenance, systems planning and custom applications design and development.

Linux development solutions from Vidyo Technologies

Implementing Linux based servers
Linux system administration
Server Upgradation
Linux server maintenance
Messaging Solutions
Linux consultants at Vidyo Technologies INFOTECH cater to you in the following areas of expertise.
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB/2
DHCP Server and Client
FTP Server, Fileserver (Samba, NFS, FTP, Open LDAP), Mail server,NFS Server
PPP Configuration
RAID Configuration
Web server / Web Technologies: Apache, PHP, Servlets and JSP

We invite you to come and experience the variety of Linux application development and web development services based on Linux OS; offered by Vidyo Technologies.